December 22, 2011

Tis the Season!

I work for a retailer and it is crazytown around here these days. It's 3 days before Christmas and we're still working our buns off with no end in sight.  Luckily Christmas shopping is done, Mike did not get stuck in Boston this week as feared and returned home on time and we are not traveling this year. 

But there has been a bit of fun, like last night's Candlelight Yoga at Lululemon with some friends.

My friend Christina blogged about it here.

December 12, 2011

Santa 2011

We haven't made our annual visit to see Santa yet this year, but Sarah took the boys to see him and get their picture taken. We will make our visit this coming weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, like always.

The letters they left with Santa are priceless. I hope Santa is able to source all of these items.  :-)

December 7, 2011

It's been forever...

It's really been forever since I blogged and since my mother-in-law (Sandy) and I were talking on the weekend about what a great 'baby book' this blog served for Hudson (and um....I have nothing for Link...) I thought I would *try* to document some of our goings-on for documentation's sake.

So...I had quite a few questions in my blogger comments about the pool and landscaping and if it ever got finished. Yes, yes it did. Although it took significantly longer than the 3 months I was promised.  But it was worth the wait and we did spend the whole summer in there. Here are some photos:

Link is an absolute doll and still gets a bath in the sink every now and again. Hudson thinks he's a superhero. It's possible he really is because it feels that way to us. We're waiting for the other shoe to drop and for one of these boys to turn into one of the 'terribles' (twos, threes, fours) but so far, so good. They are best friends.   The dogs are getting old but they are still enjoying life, even if they are moving a little slower. We still have a zillion cats.

In August I started a new job back in my first love - eCommerce - working for a large retailer.  Mike took a new position with his company and we pulled the boys out of daycare and got a nanny.  We absolutely love having a 'teacher' (as the boys call her) and wonder why we didn't do it before.  They spend their days going on outings, playing and are just generally allowed to be little.

I've moved on from running (although I still do it sometimes and love it) to CrossFit. It's hard and it's fun and now my hands have calluses.

In the summer we went to New York state for a Benedict family reunion at the Old Homestead where Mike's Dad, Ralph grew up. Everyone had so much fun. We also celebrated Ralph's 70th birthday!

Christmas is around the corner and Hudson is fully aware of it all this year. He asks every morning if Santa has come yet.   :-)   Ok, I think I'm caught up now. 

December 5, 2011

Yoga Girl

This is too good not to post.   Namaste.