August 26, 2008

We are in so much trouble already...

Hudson has developed a crush at daycare. Her name is Zoe. She is the daugter of our good friends, Karen and Jonathan. It appears as though Zoe has also developed the same level of infatuation with Hudson. The teachers tell us that they stare at each other, play together all day, Hudson has even tried to kiss Zoe. And the teachers have photographic evidence.

I am not sure WHEN Hudson found the time and the transportation to get this t-shirt to profess his love for Zoe, but this is what I found when I picked him up from school today.

Karen and I just don't know what to do! We are afraid that they will soon run off together.
On a closing note, you may notice a new color scheme. Mike told me I had to change the colors from pink, because H is a BOY.

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Elizabeth said...

Love it! That is hilarious.