March 17, 2009

Hudson's First Birthday

February 12, 2009. Hudson has a cup cake to celebrate this birthday around 7pm. He was born at 8:55pm the year before.

Time to decorate (and drink some boozers).

Party time! Mike brings new meaning to 'Pimp Daddy'.

Sharing cake with my best friend, Zoe.

Aunts Penny and Patti.

Opening presents.

Playing with my new farm.


HudsonsGranny said...

Oh we had so much fun decorating. It brings back great birthday memories. Hudson and Zoe sharing strawberries is my favorite. Love Granny

Jeni Q said...

I'm sorry we missed the party. Looks like a good time was had by all. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that required booze on the boy's birthday. :)

Henry also got the little people farm - he loves it.
Here are Henry's pictures:
Henry's First Birthday