May 22, 2009

NHL, here we come

So while the Hurricanes may currently be down 2-0 to the Pens, we are cooking up the new crop of NHL players here in Raleightown.

This gear came for Hudson yesterday. Helmet, elbow pads and the tiniest skates you'll ever see. We'll be taking him up to The Factory on Sunday for the public skate.

For anyone interested in getting their little one hockey skates, look for the 'Youth' sizes. They are actually hard to find. I got these from American Hockey Center.


hudsonsgranny said...

This picture will be worth tons when he makes the big time...Love the little helmet.

Jeni Q said...

Did I tell you that I tried to take Henry to the Skate Ranch during their kids skate time on a recent Saturday? They laughed at me. Apparently people don't routinely put 14 month olds in skates. :) I love to skate!