July 20, 2009

Tantrums have started

We've entered the Terrible Tantrums. But they are really not terrible, they are hilarious. This is the first one I've managed to get on (digital) film. As with most of his tantrums, this one was sparked by either:
1. not being allowed to go outside
2. not being allowed to walk around all day with a pacifier in his mouth

He should choose his location more wisely. When I have tantrums I do it on fluffy carpet, not on the mudroom floor next to a dog bowl.

These pictures are all crappy since they were taken with my phone. The camera was somewhere too far to walk.

Hudson's new recliner. Max says, 'If I knew my golden years would suck this bad I would have run away years ago.'.

Yesterday we went for groceries and Hudson grabbed for a nectarine. I let him eat it - yes it was unwashed and no we hadn't paid for it yet. It was better than a tantrum (see photos, above). This morning he wanted to eat another 'ball' for breakfast.


hudsonsgranny said...

Oh thanks for the picutres....I love them all...Can hardly wait to experience the tantrums...

Anonymous said...

I have torn open many loaves of cinnamon raisin toast in the store to avoid a tantrum... You are wise to choose your battles.

My son seemed to start with the tantrums around 18 mos.--it seems to wax and wane; two or three weeks of tantrums followed by several months of relative calm.

It gets much better when they can talk in sentences because there is a bit of reasoning (read: bribery) and bargaining that you can bring into the picture.

He's a cutie!

Beth said...

Same here! We stole a banana from Publix the other day. I told J that I spent more money in their store because that banana let me shop longer, so that was my justification.