March 5, 2010

It's that time of the season!

.... when Mini Boden comes out with the new collection (and a decent coupon code) and I stock up on some new threads for Hudson.

Here is today's outfit.

I love these zip-up sweatshirts because it means we don't have to fight to get it on over his head.   We have the College Hoodie from last season and it was always a struggle to get it on. 


hudsons granny said...

Hey I love Hudson's new sneakers do you get those at Mini Boden too?

Anonymous said...

You andMike have two handsome boys they sure look a like nice to have two the same they willbe the best of friends We enjoy the pics so much know you are busy but try to keep them coming Hear from you soon love you lots Nanand Gramps

ShallowGal said...

LOVE mini boden !

The Crocker's said...

just an FYI...the Nordstrom's at Soutpoint is now carrying Mini Boden!