December 4, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

We got our Christmas tree today!   We went to the tree lot and I asked, 'Excuse me sir, where's the tallest tree you have?'  They said, 'Over there ma'me, it's 14 feet.'  Mike said, '.............errrrrrrr'.  I said, 'Perfect! We'll take it!'

I am so excited to have a 14 foot tree + star on the top in my living room!   More pictures to come as we (ok, Mike....) gets it put up!

And it snowed in Raleigh today - one time of usually only 2-3 times each winter.  Could it get much more Norman Rockwell? 

And then there was this cutie when we got home.

So very rarely -  in fact, almost never - does life deal you a near perfect day. But today was as close to perfect as I think we could get.   I have a big pot of chili on the stove, brownies in the oven, and Mike's parents on the way over for dinner and tree decorating.  Life is good. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Adorable "shark" coat! We did the same with getting our tree and in-laws over for decorating and dinner. The snow really was the icing on the cake for sure!

This morning my son and I came downstairs and one of our cats ran out from under the tree. He said "Look mommy, our cat is our present". Good times.