May 19, 2011

Pool Construction.... Part 7

I wish there wasn't a Part 7 but rather a Part 'Finished'. But not just yet..... Next week will mark 5 full months for this project.

Concrete is complete. Next week is plaster, landscaping, building the fire pit and finishing the shower (which looks pretty cool - don't have a photo of that).

All these photos show the concrete before it was sealed. 

(fire pit, above)

This is what the walkways look like now, post-sealing:


Christina said...

Wowww, this will be gorgeous when its done though!!!! Can't wait to see it!

-Christina, the new owner of a Lulu bag :D

hudsonsgranny said...

Oh this looks so wonderful. I can hardly wait for a swim.

Jeni Q said...

It sure is shaping up! I know you'll be happy to finally use the pool come August. ;)

hudsonsgranny said...

I love the look of the stone. Will it be slippery after it is sealed?