November 2, 2009

Halloween Drama..and Trick or Treat!

We had some late-breaking Halloween drama on Saturday.  Hudson's costume went missing from daycare on Friday. When I picked him costume.  Our daycare owners, teachers and director are so awesome and spent hours on Saturday attempting to locate it. They combed the facility and called all the parents on Saturday morning only to turn up nothing.  Seemed the one parent they were not able to get in touch with had accidentally taken his costume home with them....along with their own child's costume.

Are you raising your eyebrow right now and giving a side-eye? Yes, I am as well.

I can only assume that a person is either completely inconsiderate or a complete moron to do something like this (note that I am NOT saying can draw your own suspicions there).  Here is how the situation must have transpired:
  1. The teachers place each child's clothing (in this case, Halloween costume) from that day in the child's cubby. 
  2. The teachers don't pack up a child's bag, therefore the parent must be responsible for taking ONLY THEIR child's items. Parent uses well-functioning eyesight to make sure that they have the correct items.
  3. Parent somehow manages to NOT NOTICE that the bright orange outfit they just took does not belong to them. Moron Parent takes the item home with them. 
Now from here the situation can go one of two ways:
  1. Parent realizes that they have taken another kid's Halloween costume the day before Halloween, yet makes no attempt to see that it is returned in a timely manner.   OR
  2. Parent does not notice, when they go to retrieve their child's costume from their car / daycare bag, that another costume is also with their child's.  That's right, they fail to notice the bright orange costume staring them in the face. 
  3. It is unclear which of these sitations took place, but please refer to my statement that you are either inconsiderate or a complete moron for either one of these two scenarios to happen to you.

Back to the story. Next:
  1. Parent arrives back to the daycare Monday morning with costume in-hand. 
  2. Parent of child whose costume was taken awaits an apology......

Once we realized that the costume was not coming back in time for Trick or Treating, we frantically called the Museum of Life and Science and got lucky - they had one more in his size. After a 30 minute drive there and back, and some bucks shelled out for a second time, we had a new costume in hand.  We were determined not to let the Inconsiderate Moron Well-Meaning But Mistake-Making Parent ruin H's first Trick or Treat.

We took him to Grandma and Granpa's neighborhood where there were about eleventy-billion kids and he had a great time.  Here are the photos to prove it.







Hudson trick or treated for candy, Mike scored a vodka tonic.


Anonymous said...

You would think the parent would have had a clue and said "Gee, the owner of this costume isn't going to have it Halloween night if I don't make a simple phone call to try and get it back to the parent".

The guilty parent must be incredibly non-observant(poor child if that's the case)!

You'll have to let your readers know if you get an apology or explanation.

Allison said...

Seriously - no way?! What is wrong with people? Love Mike drinking a cocktail (out of a nice rocks glass no less) while trick or treating:) We were doing the same here in our Halloween Parade - jog stroller was also our cooler holder. Lol!

Dave said...

I am so glad it worked out! Some people are just so rubish!

How could you let a kid be disopointed.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see that H had such a great halloween.

Beth@ Southern Living Naturally said...

Are you frin-digging kidding me???

What is WRONG with people these days?? I have had so many incidences of thievery and sketchiness happening here lately and this one just takes the cake.

What kind of evil person takes a toddler's Halloween costume, the day before Halloween??

I hope you get it back and it was all some big mixup. Geez.

I'm glad H had a great night either way.

The Crocker's said...

okay, feel like an arse since my wonderful eyesight didn't notice the difference in our boys names for the outfit that I grabbed last week. Although pretty dang sure I would have noticed if it were a cute, expensive, way better than all the other kiddies costume that everyone saw Hudson in. Glad you were able to get him another one.

Holden's mom

judesmama said...

That is seriously BIZARRE. Doesn't sound like an "accident" to me... I'd be so annoyed. Hope you are doing well!!! Hud's boots are so so so cute, too!


Anonymous said...

OMG is this women a total nut....a simple I am sorry would have be suffient. Not if the costume had been cute or expensive I would have given it back right away???? How unbelievable is this.