November 4, 2009

Hudson's Costume Has Returned

I've had tons of people ask about H's costume, and the circumstances in which it was returned.

Our awesome daycare owner(s) chased down the only parent who did not return Saturday's calls (three calls) when the parent surfaced on Monday morning. The parent's reaction?

'Oh yeah, I have that. My husband picked it up by accident. You' 

Actually, no. I don't know. My man and every other man I know would not have wanted a child to go without his costume on Halloween night. The costume was unceremoniously dropped off without an apology, a bottle of 'I'm so sorry' wine or an offer to reimburse Mike and I for the cost to replace it. Just a nonchalant, 'Yeah, I have it.'. The circumstances surrounding its disappearance continue to be very suspect.....  The daycare is insisting that they reimburse us, but I maintain that it is not their place to take any blame.

Given this reaction, I am no longer holding my breath for the apology that won't be coming.

No new pictures of H.  Mike is away in Boston and I am tired (the continuous night time peeing is wearing me down)! I had my 29 week check up this morning, survived the blood-letting and passed the glucose screening with flying colors.  I also managed to score an H1N1 vaccination.

Here is one of my favorite 'phone' pictures of him at Marbles Kids Museum.

And I found this alien in the dryer on Sunday.....I guess we're beginning the shenanigans phase of toddlerhood.


Elizabeth said...

That mom is unbelievable!

Dave said...

HA HA! I love the way its just normall for find an alien in the dryer!

So Cute! Cant wait for mine to get to that age.