April 2, 2009

An Evening With Hudson: A Documentary

Mike was working late this week so I made a documentary: A Typical Evening With Hudson. After H went to bed I emailed Mike all the photos with commentary.

First he did his Risky Business impression while brushing his teeth with his toothbrush he had stashed in a drawer.

Note the shoe in the pot.

Next it was time to eat dinner and a little ice cream. Until he gave himself brain freeze and there were tears.

Then it was time to bother Ashley the Cat. But she was not interested in playing 'trains'.

Pajama and play time! This farmer works so much better on my head!

And it's even more fun to fling it over the side of the couch!

No worries, the farmer survived his fall.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We finally got the pics they are priceless love the expressions he gets on that beautiful face Now I will go on the day care and watch him there while I am enjoying my tea Loved the one yesterday helping himself to more food Funny Funny LOve Nan gramps