April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Yesterday Hudson was dedicated to a Christian way of life at our non-denominational and very awesome church. This church rocks - it's laid-back, they accept everyone and it is filled with young people and young families. There were about 10 babies dedicated, then about 100 adults were baptized by getting into the upper part of the heated baptismal pool (not all together, of course). It was a great day. I try to keep it light here, but yesterday again reminded me of how blessed my life is.

I was raised Catholic so being 'dedicated' is relatively new to me. The RC's baptize you as an infant. Here, the thinking is that H can make his own choice to be baptized when he gets old enough to choose for himself. Thanks to Vickie for snapping a few pictures.

Before the dedication there was an Easter egg 'hunt'. Hudson caught on pretty quickly that his eggs go in the paper bag... errrr I mean his easter basket (D'oh, we didn't get him a basket).


Hudsonsgranny said...

Love the pictures. He is for sure the happiest baby ever.

Anonymous said...

Hudson sure enjoyed the egg hunt he is so clever and gets involved with things so quickly as for the happiest baby I have never seen one so smiley and friendly for his age He loves people Love all the pictures you all look so happy Love N&G