April 16, 2009


An All Points Bulletin has been issued for: Zoe Lola.
The suspect was last seen wearing jeans and a long sleeve white t-shirt. She has numerous aliases, among them 'ZoZo' and 'Peanut'.
Please contact your local Crime Stoppers if you see this menace. Information leading to her arrest may result in an award.
Please use caution, as she is considered armed and dangerous. Do not be fooled by her sweet demeanor! She has also been known to bite.


Scared Toddler in Brier Creek said...

watch out for her left hook - it's a killer. I've seen this girl take down full grown men with a single swing.

First Time Dad said...

I propose a reconciliation: Marbles, Saturday April 24th and we'll all learn how to play nice again... any takers?

Nicole said...

JB, I think that's a good plan. We can even go this Sat if you're free.

Trish and Miller said...


Jeni Q said...

I'm just hoping they don't make a Wanted poster for Henry and his chompers!