August 3, 2009

My sister Penny

I spent a long weekend in Edmonton, Alberta with my brother and sister (in law). We had a great time with beautiful weather.

Penny is definately the cutest thing in this picture, but her pink Balenciaga is running a close second.

She only has 5 weeks left!

For old times sake: Penny and me long before we had babies on the brain.


Anonymous said...

I could be totally wrong here and if I am--please no offense because you are obviously not overweight, but do I detect a little bit of a bump under *your* shirt? It could be the way the shirt hangs...?

Hudsonsgranny said...

Well the two of you are certainly cute in both of those pictures. Penny is definitly adorable with her little belly. I can hardly wait for the 5 weeks to go by.

Jeni Q said...

I think the fact that you said "we had babies on the brain" totally gives you away. Along with your bump. :)