August 22, 2009

Our Trip Back 'Home'

We were in Halifax, Nova Scotia last week for 7 days.  Here are just some of my favourite pictures.

Mike (the pack mule) bringing the luggage into the airport.

Hudson playing with his new plane in the airport.

At the Halifax Public Gardens. H ate the food we had brought for the ducks.

My Dad, Mike, H and my younger brother, Andrew.
We headed out of town and up to the family cottage, built by my parents in 1973.

His Granny gave him this pudding....

A box of old fisher price trucks, kept for 30 years.

The dinner of champions. Hudson is having cheesies, I am eating chocolate covered almonds.

Hudson and Catie Clover, being fed by Aunt Jenny.

What every man needs on his vacation: a lawn chair at the edge of a beachy cliff, his blackberry, Tim Horton's coffee and a box of timbits.

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