August 28, 2009

Where is my 'bump'?

Here I am, at almost 20 weeks. WHERE is the bump? I shouldn't complain because I am assured that the little one is in there, growing along as he should.  But I thought you were supposed to 'show' earlier the second time?  I drive Mike batty obsessing over it, saying ridiculous things like, 'Do you think something's wrong? Well? Do you?'.

For any of you pregnant fashionistas, I highly recommended these jeans. They are the Paige maternity skinny jeans in Blue Heights:   I sized up one size from my pre-preg Paige size.  I also recommended the AG black skinny pant found at A Pea In The Pod. I've gotten tons of wear out of them and I bet I'll get to 30 weeks without a problem:

I still haven't needed maternity tops (clearly!) so I'm just wearing an old Trunk Ltd. graphic tee. 

(Elizabeth, I know you are laughing because you recognize this is our office bathroom)

For reference, here I was at 20 weeks the last go around where I definately had more of a 'bump'. Not sure what is happening this time, but I'll take it.


BabyBurns said...

You look great! And congrats on boy #2!!

Anonymous said...

HI Dont worry about the bump we know he is in there all cuddly and cozy just take care of yourself and the bump will come sooner than you think You look beautiful Love to all Nan & Gramps

Karen said...

Thank you for pants recommendation! I am in some serious need of maternity pants. I think your bump is adorable, I am sure everything is great.