November 13, 2008

9 Months Old!

Yesterday Hudson turned 9 months old. Where has it all gone?

Sadly for H, his celebratory birthday dinner was a less-than-exciting combo of carrots and pasta noodles.

What?? Is this all I'm getting for dinner?

Mike arrived home just in time for the evening play session and to put his boy to bed.

Today was 'picture day' at school. This is what Hudson was supposed to wear in his photos. I got a call as I arrived to the office that he had just puked all over the outfit and was asked if I wanted to bring him a second set of clothes suitable for picture-taking. Considering that the last round of school pictures were....umm...what's the polite way to say terrible? I passed on that idea. Cheesy school photog, we'll catch ya on the flip side.
I got a little camera happy this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 9 months and no B Day cake The pictures you took are adorable I love his outfit he always makes your day exciting Love N&G