November 4, 2008

First Haircut

What is it about the first haircut that makes it such a ritual? Hudson's hair didn't really need to be cut but it was getting a little scraggly and Mike kept threatening to cut it. He told me that I had until the end of the weekend or he was taking matters into his own hands.

I took him to the salon where I get my 'do done. And although I got the documentation, I am bummed about the quality of the photos (forgot the SLR at home that day).


Hudsons Granny said...

Well way back when we saved a small lock of hair from our babies first haircut and put it in a locket. I suppose those days are over right?? He looks like he was enjoying all the female attention. So cute.

Elizabeth said...

So cute. In my house, Aaron was the holdout on the first haircut.