November 11, 2008

Evening Routine

On the evenings when Mike is not traveling he and Hudson have a pretty well-practiced nightly routine. H has his dinner and plays downstairs. Then he comes upstairs to his bedroom, has a bath, gets on his jammies and then..... wild play time!!

It starts out innocently enough.

But soon it's a roughhouse-a-rama. 'Look out Daddy, here I come!'

Including playing 'bulldozer' where Mike rolls him over and over with his head while H giggles wildly.

Sometimes H tries to play with the nightlight / outlet which he is absolutely not allowed to touch.

Oh but what the hell. Go for it kid.

Eventually he gets tired of playtime. Monday evening was the first time he held his own bottle. Thumbs up man!


Catherine said...

Boys are silly.
Congrats on the bottle holding. That was a long awaited and truly welcomed milestone.

HudsonsGranny said...

It looks like so much fun but I guarantee when he gets a little bigger and the two of them start it will be "no rough housing in the house you two" being spoken by you. Can you imagine the trouble they will be getting into.
Oh no!!! he is holding his own bottle, things are not looking good for me keeping him little for much longer. Love Granny