November 3, 2008

Written Warning

I received a written warning this weekend.

Once (only once!) I backed my small car into Mike's much larger car that was parked behind mine in the driveway. I was distracted and in a hurry and his car was not normally left in that spot. Ever since then he has been very leery of my driving skillz. On Saturday I found this note on the inside of my windshield.
Mike's all time favorite food is chicken pot pie (his mother's homemade recipe). I was wise to get that recipe from her early on since it is true that the way to a man's heart is through his belly. This weekend Hudson tried his first CPP.

Since he didn't seem to love it, Mike quickly decided that he will never have to share CPP with Hudson and thus there would always be more for him.


G-ma B said...

I love the CPP pictures. I wonder if Mike put something bitter tasting in Hudson's spoonful of CPP. We know how much Mike doesn't want to share his CPP!! :) :)
P.S. Nicole makes a great Chicken Pot Pie.

Hudsons Granny said...

MMMMM chicken pot pie. Mike better enjoy it all to himself while he can. I am sure the little man will soon find out what a great cook his mom is. That pictue is priceless..Granny

Anthony said...
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Anthony said...

I just saw this.

I LOL'd.

The hardest thing about pulling a joke like this is that you're not there first-hand to witness the effect that your genius has had on its recipient.

Well played.