December 8, 2008

Learning to Play Ball

Hudson learned how to throw a ball in the last few days. He doesn't always throw it back far enough, and it's never a straight shot, but he's getting it.

Poor Maximillion doesn't understand why, 'Get your ball!' is no longer meant for him. After 8 years, it's hard for a puppy to understand. One ball has already been claimed and drooled over.

Yes, bedhead.

Could this child be any happier?

H had his 9 month check up and he was 29 inches and 23.5 pounds. This weekend Mike was putting groceries away in the pantry and he said, 'Oh good, we can put away all this baby crap.'. Does that mean I don't have a baby anymore? It's funny how Moms and Dads think about this differently. I'm not sure when he got so big, but it makes me a little melancholy.


hudsonsgranny said...

Yes, fathers and mothers have a different idea about children growing up. Fathers just can hardly wait to go to team practice and games. While mothers want to snuggle for as long as possible. H sure is happy playing ball, I do feel sorry for Maxi. He is looking so longingly at the ball. He just has to wait a little while and H will be throwing to him and he will be thinking stop I am tired of fetching.

Anonymous said...

You are so right I have never seen such a happy little boy laughing all the time you want to grab him hug and kissand squeeze him thats what I wouldbe doingif I could You must be so proud Love