December 1, 2008

Meeting Santa

Hudson met Santa over the Thanksgiving weekend. He was most intrigued by the large man in the red suit.

Waiting in line.....

Meeting the Man in Red.

We went out for dinner afterwards with Grandma and Grandpa. I was *mostly* well behaved and didn't throw all of my food on the floor, just most of it. Great, we've become 'those people'.


HudsonsGrany said...

I love Hudsons little suit, He looks like he knows he has to be nice to Santa in order to get the presents. So adorable.

Anonymous said...

H is one of the few that is not afraid of santa he looks so grown up for his age he is a handsome boy it would be nice to know what he is thinking looking up at ths old man with whiskers love his Christmas outfit

Catherine said...

1. Hudson is the KING of overalls.
2. I am so jealous that he loved Santa. My kids are still scared to get within a 30 feet radius.
3. I've been one of "those people" for a while. You get used to it! Either that or you sit home a lot, which I refuse to do!

G-ma B said...

It was a true delight for us to be a part of Hudson's first Santa visit. When Hudson turned and looked up at Santa, it was really something. Thanks to you three for including us. Love Grandma/pa B.