January 12, 2009

11 Months Old

Hudson is 11 months old today. I can't even imagine where all the time went. One year ago this evening we were with our wonderful friends Deborah and Stuart while they hosted a baby shower for Hudson.

Yesterday Mike decided that he needed some new threads so we went down to nv to do a little shopping before the store opened. Hudson tried to help him find some things in his size.

He made a bit of a mess.

So I took him over to the grocery store in North Hills while Mike continued to pillage the place.

Well, well. Looks like he's taking after his Coke-loving Grandpa Benedict.

All that shopping makes a little man very tired.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures he is adorable to me it looks like he is loseing weight and is getting longer he is going to be very tall like his dad thanks for sending them send more we never get enough of him Love you

G-ma B said...

Looks like he may have been paying attention to what Grandpa B has had in his hand a few times.

These pictures are really cute.