January 28, 2009

Many-Eyed Monster

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Andrew and Cousin Catie sent Hudson this crazy, many-eyed monster doll. He loves it!

These photos are from today - he is wearing a shirt that Vickie gave him - he got tons on complements on it when he got to school. Thanks Vic!


Catherine said...

Is that an 'ugly doll'? I love those, we have two. My kids don't like them as much as I do :)

Andrew said...

The doll's name is "Peeps" (he has a lot of eyes)

They are hand made by our neighbors here in Nova Scotia. The website is www.teamsleep.ca.

The rest of the lineup is pretty cool, too.

Nicole said...

I think I caught 'Peeps' giving me the side eye last night. Is there any reason to be weary of him?