January 14, 2009

Poor Manners

Let's just call a spade a spade. Hudson has poor manners. Here is just a sampling of his rudeness.

He pulls clothing off shelves. He especially enjoys doing this in Mike's closet after everything has just been neatly folded.

He chug-a-lugs from his sippy.

He rips Kleenex from the box (waster!) and throws it about.

He eats directly from the package.

We can see who is teaching him this...

He unravels every single roll of toilet paper he can find.
The powder room:

The guest room (he was even able to steal the roll off this type of holder - bonus!):

His own bathroom:

Our bathroom:

'Dude, don't eat the toilet paper'.

I am blaming his father for all of this.


HudsonsGranny said...

Good Plan, blame Dad for everything and you will have clear sailing when H gets older and he starts burpping at the table (oh wait you have to blame Uncle's A&A for the burpping part) but you get the picture. Nothing is ever MOM's fault. LOL

Elizabeth said...

This cracked me up...i agree with the strategy to blame dad.

Jenny Lea said...

High-quality post.

CJG said...

Had the pictures not proved that it was Hudson, I would have been certain that it was Mike who had committed those atrocities.