October 30, 2009

Halloween at School This Morning

I am excited for this year's Halloween!  Hudson is old enough to understand the dressing up and candy-getting.  I got him a monkey costume, but he wanted nothing to do with it. So instead he wore his NASA flight suit that we had picked up during the visit to the Durham Museum of Life and Science

These photos are from this morning at school.

I feel for Karen and Jonathan. Zoe is going to be a heartbreaker.  Maybe I should feel preemptively sorry for Hudson who already seems to adore her.  He calls her 'ooo-eeee'.

Hudson and his good friend, Henry.

This next set are from the office Halloween party.  Note H eyeballing Shrek's donkey, then making his move.


The Crocker's said...

Hudson looked adorable this morning. Our boys are in the same class at school :-)

hudsonsgranny said...

Hudson is having such a great time. He sure enjoys all his friends at school. What a happy little boy. I love these pictures of all his friends.