October 15, 2009

Weekend Activities

Happy 40th Birthday to my best friend in the whole world!  Some people are destined to meet, and when Vickie arrived in my life 8 years ago, that was the case. Together we've been through so much fun and so much crazy/terrible that we joke that we will write a book about it all someday.

Happy Birthday Vickie! I love you!

Mike and I hosted a party in her honor on Saturday night.

The next morning we found this copperhead in the driveway (I guess someone had run him over). This is the third we've found in the yard this year.  Maybe he wanted to come to the party?

Last night we went to see the Penguins vs. Hurricanes game. We were sitting with Uncle Kevin in his seats (much better than ours, with access to the Ledge Lounge Bar - my favorite part of hockey) so the view of Crosby and Malkin was great. 

This is my brush with fame (although because we're both from the same city in Nova Scotia, I'm practically famous too....). Crosby getting ready to take his shoot-out shot - where he completely undressed Cam Ward.

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