October 23, 2009

North Carolina State Fair

I have never enjoyed the state fair. Mike and I tend to go once every few years, then say, 'That was terrible! We're never going there again!'.   This year we went and had a blast. I think it had something everything to do with the kid.

Hudson ate crap, rode on the rides, took in the sights and petted the animals.  Mike and I just watched him and continue to be amazed at how great he is.

I thought this corn was a 'healthy' alternative to a corn dog... I'm not sure there is anything healthy to eat at the fair  (he later got a corn dog).

He seems a little bewildered about why I am on the horse beside him. The weight limit said 150 lbs so I said, 'oh what the heck'.  I think hope I am still under that.....

Next it was time for the livestock. He showed no fear of the cows and was excited to let one lick his hand.

Here he tries to pick a cow's nose.

And one last ride in a helicopter with Da-dee.


Anonymous said...

Wow--you look great! I still haven't lost the weight I gained with my pregnancy, and my son is now 2.5 yrs old. You are inspiring me to get off my lazy butt and get in shape! Your son is cute as always.

hudsonsgranny said...

Thanks for posting these, I love them. Hudson is a natural with animals for sure, that is because he has loyal Max to love. What nice animals to let tons of children poke at them. The chicks looks so cute.