October 8, 2009

Hurricanes Game

I was only able to get a few shots from the game on Friday night because, frankly, H was a monster. Even having 4 adults there to entertain him, it was still pretty much impossible to watch the game. Thankfully our seats are away from the general population (we are the first row on the 2nd level, above the Ledge Lounge bar) so there is no one around us for him to bother - no one in front or behind, and he's contained on all sides by me, Mike, Ralph, Sandy, and the glass. So you'd think we'd have it covered, right? Fail.

This is our view - it's pretty great. Except for the glass which was covered in fingerprints, snot and drool by the time we left. And then there was the spoon that H dropped through the crack onto the people sitting in the really expensive seats below us in the Lounge (sorry!).

H thought that the zamboni was a 'dacdor' (tractor), which I guess it kind of does look like that from up here. We'll try for zamboni next year. Watching the dacdor was his favorite part of the game (le sigh), and I think the only peace we got.

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