April 5, 2010

Christmas in April

LW looks less than pleased to have this Santa impersonator looming over him.

More antics....

Seeing a trend yet with the glasses and hats?

Here is LW with Katerina, the little girl who lives next door.  She is 11 days older than Link, and about 58 pounds smaller.

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hudsonsgranny said...

Well what can be said about these latest pictures.
First Lincoln is just adorable and it looks like he is making a new friend with the little girl next door already. Although he does seem to wonder why he had to be given this wierd little boy for a big brother...
Hudson. Well look out Hollywood because I am sure the next big star is in the making. He is a natural for sure. The Hat and Sunglass could be his calling card alright. and I can't believe he is riding his bicycle already. Thank you so much for these pictures. It gave me several minutes of laughter.