April 28, 2010

Mother's Day

Last year for Mother's Day I wanted to get a 'mother's necklace' (cheesy term) but since we were planning to have a second child, we thought it was best to wait. 

This year I am getting one for sure.  The one I love the most is from Jeanine Payer. I have one other piece of jewelry of hers and my New York bestie, Vickie has a few pieces too.  I love her stuff - it's so simple and beautiful.

Here is her site:  Jeanine Payer

And the design I chose (Verdi 2):

There are several beautiful photo pieces on her site, but this one is so pretty.  I like both available poetry options, so I asked Mike to choose.

For the boys' pictures I think I will go with this one of Hudson since it captures that smile and he's still pretty young in it.

Or maybe this one because he's a little younger.   I have so, so many pictures of H, it's hard to choose.

Maybe I should use one that shows his typical antics?





It must be tough being this cute.

For Link, I will most certainly use this one.  WOW this kid has awesome eyes.


Anonymous said...

Your little boys are adorable. I too would have a hard time choosing just one pic of my son. Very nice choice for a Mother's Day gift-I'm so hoping my husband does something thoughtful like this for me this year.

hudsonsgranny said...

Oh my gosh it is going to be hard to choose for H but that picture of LW is awsome. I sure see the resemblence of the two boys in that picture. Since you are going to have your necklace forever better pick something of H that won't upset him when he is older, like the toilet one. Just ask Anthony, I have one like that of him that he won't let me show anyone.

First Time Dad said...

Oh holy crap. When is mothers day?!?!?