April 30, 2010

Nella Cordelia

It's not often that a blog moves me, but this one has.  I am going to link it here.  If you are at work, wait to read this when you are at home, trust me.  It's a beautiful story with a happy ending, but get the tissues.

Enjoying The Small Things

Mike was sitting in the dark,  rocking Link to sleep when I handed him my iPhone with the blog post loaded on it, telling him, 'you'll want to read this....'.  As I post this I can hear him still sitting in the dark, rocking Link, reading the post and sniffling back tears.  Just one of the million reasons why I love him.


Candice said...

That is such a special blog!! It especially touches my heart as I have a special needs child myself. I found myself faces many similar emotions once we received our diagnosis two months ago. I have not yet shared our full story on my blog, but plan to soon.

Tamara said...

I discovered this blog a few months ago, it's really nothing short of amazing, I love the raw emotion she shows through her writing.


hudsonsgranny said...

Thanks for sharing this, it puts a lot of things in life in prospective for sure.