April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

The boys received a gift this weekend - a really great play structure.

Here it is, being assembled.

While that was going on, Mike and H played in the creek.

Then H opened a package sent from his Granny.

Then it was play time!

Lincoln tried his best to participate.


hudsonsgranny said...

Hey who is having more fun Hudson or Dad???

Anonymous said...

I like the play set. Do you mind sharing where you bought it and if it was in the Raleigh area? Also, was any special preparation required (as far as the ground area) and if so did the company take care of all that for you? Great pics--looks like your little guy loves the play set!

Nicole said...

Anon - we did get it in Raleigh. It's from http://www.rainbowplayofnc.com

The ground needed to be cleared and leveled. Mike did it himself, so I'm not sure if the company would do it if requested.