June 7, 2010

Bedtime Routine

It's 8:30pm, Mike is out playing hockey, Link is in bed and Hudson and I are doing what we do every night, snuggling, giggling, watching Dora and talking about his day.  I'm one lucky Mama.

Hudson just told me, 'I make a mess.'.  There are Goldfish crumbs in my bed and I don't care.

And this was yesterday afternoon.  Yup, one super lucky Mama.


The Crocker's said...

love it! looks like our nights when Jason has soccer :)

hudsonsgranny said...

That little face is captivating. You sure are lucky to have those three great guys in your life.

Anonymous said...

You *are* lucky. You need to quit posting the cute pics of both sons because it's making me want to give my son a sibling and I am much too old!

Nicole said...

Anon - I'm old too (37.4) so you have no excuse. C'mon in...the water's great for us old moms!