June 3, 2010

Photos from 'School'

One of Hudson's teachers (Ms. Kari) took these photos of him over the last few weeks.

They did an 'umbrella walk' and I was admittedly skeptical about who would think it was a good idea to allow a bunch of toddlers to walk around with umbrellas, poking each others' eyeballs out. But it turned out okay after all.

And I am told that my umbrella is the only one that came home broken, having being smashed into the ground by my little monster.  So typical.

His fascination with hats, sunglasses and bags continues.

I love this next series.  I'm still amazed that 2 year olds would stay sleeping on their little cots, but they do.


hudsosngranny said...

Yes I am always amazed by the way children eat and sleep when at school compared to home. I think it is because they have us wrapped around there fingers and they are wrapped around our hearts so we never stick to the rules.
He sure loves it a school. That is wonderful.

The Crocker's said...

Clearly they are all crazy. Giving two year olds umbrella's. What's next running with scissors?! :)