June 14, 2010

H is sick, LW rolls over

Hudson has been really sick with Strep throat so we spent the weekend trying to get him to drink liquids, eat something (anything!), and sleep, meanwhile trying to protect Lincoln from getting the crud.  This is one of the worst weekends we've had in a long, long while.  I am admittedly excited to be in the office on this Monday morning. 

Hudson perked up around 6pm last night (exactly 48 hours after he started the antibiotics) as we were driving to the pediatrics ER to get him treated for dehydration.  The on-call doctor at our pediatrics practice told us that if he would not drink by Sunday evening he had to get IV liquids in him, given his symptoms (sunken eyes, lethargy). So we got everyone loaded into the car and as we were about to drive away, he asked for Goldfish and milk. Mike and I just looked at each other and I wanted to cry - out of relief and sheer exhaustion.  So instead of the ER, we drove to get ice cream.  It was pouring rain but we sat outside anyway as he slurped up his melted sundae. 

Later last night and this morning he was back to his normal self. 

Happy news:  Link rolled over last week! 


Elizabeth said...

Poor Hudson! Glad to hear he is feeling better. Yay for Link!

hudsonsgranny said...

Wow, a tired weekend. It looks like lincoln is going to be teething soon too. More fun ahead.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago my 3 yr. old was diagnosed with strep throat as well, and we really had a hard time pushing the fluids. My dad passed away at the same time so it was tough trying to take care of things with a very sick toddler. For once though, my little guy *wanted* his antibiotics because he understood it would make his throat feel better. Glad your son perked up before he had to have the IV fluids and is on the mend!