June 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I was downloading pictures from my camera and what to my wondering eyes did appear..... these cute pictures of a snoozing Hudson that I obviously didn't take.

It's so hilarious how he sleeps with his hands tucked under his b-hind.

I also found these pictures that Mike must have snapped of me and H playing on his play set.  The weather had just finished one of its infamous North Carolina summer thunderstorms and we went outside to swing on wet swings and slide down a soggy slide.

I'm not sure if the camera lens was fogging over from the humidity or if mist was in the air, but there are so few pictures of me playing with H, I will cherish these ones despite them being not so great.

H was peeking around the post saying, 'I seeee youuuuuuuu!'

Oh I love him so.


hudsonsgranny said...

I see you have your trusty dog there to protect you too. I love that dog.

Nicole said...

Yes, Maximillian goes wherever we go.