June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(well almost wordless)

Lincoln had his 5 month check up today. He's a giant - 70 percentile in weight and 90 percentile in height. Look at my baby grow.  :)


Anthony said...

Giant baby is...giant. Good to see him doing so well.

You will be in equal parts amused and horrified by how minuscule Daphne is by comparison. I now suspect that Link is sneaking in and stealing her supper. Maybe we'll have to start feeding her subcutaneously.

Cool to see the Cure cover in your blog playlist. You could swap in the original Just Like Heaven half the time for an extra dose of awesome. It is Top 10 happy fun music times! We can put it on loop when we are having a few Elevators...

Nicole said...

There is no way that I could ever be horrified by Daphne's cuteness.

Can't wait to have some Elevators with you bro. Just 2 more weeks!

Kelly B said...

I started casually lurking on your blog back in 2008 when I realized (thanks to thebump) that our boys were the same age and we seemed to have similar parenting styles. Then I was even more intrigued when we got pregnant around the same time with our second babies. After Lindsey was born, I stopped going on thebump and kind of forgot all about it. But I was on the other day and something triggered me to look up your blog - the title stuck in my head. Just wanted to say, Link is adorable. You have a beautiful family.