October 17, 2008

Apple Picking Day

Today we are headed off to pick apples in the Annapolis Valley. This is the area of Nova Scotia where the Acadians had lived until they were rounded up, put on boats and shipped to Louisiana to later become known as 'Cajuns'. Those British were mean SOBs weren't they?

Hudson spent another night with his Granny and Mike and I spent another night of wonderful quiet in our hotel on the Halifax waterfront. This morning we took a walk in Historic Properties near our hotel, a restaurant / shopping area.

Mike was feeling sorry for these lobsters at Cap'n John's Fish Market.


Anthony W said...

I happen to KNOW that you did NOT go apple picking!

You wandered around, went shopping, ate teh major greasy foods, and then sat around.

And I am not sorry! It was fun!

Catherine said...

WHAT??? You were in a hotel?? Lucky!

Anthony W said...

dude, are you feeling ok?

this lifeblog hasn't been updated in days.

thus, i am wondering if your life has suddenly stopped being interwebz worthy? gasp!