October 16, 2008

Beautiful Nova Scotia

We arrived safely in Halifax around noon. Hudson got on fabulously on both flights, slept a little, but mostly enjoyed our undivided attention, some snacks and looking out the window. Things he did not do on the flight:

  • stand up on the seat, hang on to the chair in front of him and pull the passenger's hair
  • bang on the tray
  • try to unlatch the tray, re-latch, unlatch, up-down, up-down
  • mercilessly kick the seat in front of him
  • play with any loud, electronic or otherwise mind-numbing toys
I am sure he would have been thrilled to do all of these things. But he was not permitted. Too many flights with a kid kicking the back of the seat has left Mike and I very considerate.

Anthony and Penny just landed, they took the red-eye from Edmonton and I am going to meet them for breakfast until they can get checked in to their hotel (and sleep).

Here are some pictures from our first day. We got to see Jenny and Andrew and it was great!

Pops with Hudson:

With his Uncle Andrew:

Being fed by Granny:

Meeting his Great Grandmother:

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