October 9, 2008

Growing too fast

A few things are happening now that indicate that H is moving from baby stage to little boy stage and I hate it.

1. He has outgrown his swing. We put it in the attic last night because this was the scene on the weekend. I'm pretty sure the feet are not supposed to be sticking over the end. This was his first and favorite 'toy' so it saddens me that we are finished using it now.

2. He eats 'people food' and doesn't seem to want baby mush anymore. Yesterday he ate a waffle, half a banana and a fig newton for dinner. Here he is trying to stuff the newton in his mouth (ahem, it's in the other hand buddy).

*note: There will be no more fig newtons today. When I took H upstairs Max got them off the counter and devoured them.

3. He's using a sippy cup now. Mike has been pretty determined to get him to use the sippy. Last night he drank his last 'bottle' from the cup.

4. There is no keeping things from him. We've been using his Jumperoo as a make-shift toy containment area until we can find an acceptable toy box. This morning he discovered where all of his toys were!

5. He seems to know what he is not supposed to get into, and then gets into those things the most. Last night he had dog food in his hand, almost in his mouth before Mike could get to him. Lucky for us, Max and Timber let him do his thing and seem to understand that it would be wicked beatings if they were to growl at the baby.

6. He is looking more and more like a little man and he's looking more like Mike every day (this is a good thing).


Andrew said...

I still think he looks like Kevin, but I see some Anthony in there, too.

Anthony said...

and, sadly, less and less like the late Winston Churchill.