October 3, 2008

'God Bless Him!'

Hudson and I were making our morning stop at Starbucks yesterday when a nice man started to chat me up in line. He asked how old Hudson was:

Chatty Man: 'How old is your son? 12 months?'.
Me: 'No, he's not 8 months yet.'
Man: 'Oh God bless him! He's huge!'
Me: 'mmmmm, ok.'

Not sure what to make of all that, but the H-Bomb is near the top of the growth chart in height and weight at 80% (he's about 21 pounds). Considering that his Dad and Uncle are both giants, he comes by it honestly enough so I am not concerned.

So here's a pictorial ode to my monstrous babe. All photos have been taken in the last few days. I've been so excited to break out his fall wardrobe (in size 12-18 months)!

This little guy put his finger in Hudson's mouth - so Hudson bit him. Can't say that I blame him.

Pictures from this morning.

(yes, this is a velour jumpsuit)

'Look Ma! No Hands!'

Mike got home late last night but Hudson didn't see him until this morning. He was SO happy to see Dad.

This picture was taken a few weeks back at Ralph & Sandy's, riding on Leo the Lion. Not sure what's funnier, the look on his face or the diaper-and-socks combo.


Anthony said...

Man, I wish I could still get away with riding a stufed lion in my undies.

I tried Gonch Mechanical Bull Riding last week at at the local saloon, but it didn't go over very well.

He is on the big side. LOL @ father and Uncle are giants.

The Neidig Family said...

Hunter is the same size as Hudson but no one in our families are giants! lol Hunter's 12 month clothes are so big on him. Some of the stuff he wears is 9 months! He's tiny for his age but it comes from having a tall skinny daddy! :-)
Hudson is so handsome!