October 14, 2008

This will be a crazy day

Today will be a crazy day so I am already up (early for me, 5am). Mike is traveling until this evening and I am getting ready to leave for our trip back home to Halifax. Our flight in the morning is at 6am.

Today I have to:

  1. Take Bella to our vet where she will be staying (they put her in the cat room)
  2. Get Max and Timber to the kennel (the less luxurious place where they will be staying)
  3. Take Hudson to daycare despite the fever and cough he is having (I can hear him in his room now trying to sleep but coughing) and hope that I get a few hours before they call me to pick him up
  4. Pack!
  5. Do some business for the shop (nv - Clothes for Men)
  6. See my very best pal, Vickie on her birthday. Happy Birthday Vicster!
  7. Oh - and get to the office for another day of software development

Vickie and I are very excited about what is happening with the store. Our manager has quit to move on to bigger and better things (gasp!) and Riley is taking over. Riley is a friend of ours who is very smart and very awesome. Vic and I have worked with her in the technology scene for several years so she knows what to do when the printer won't work (have you checked the on/off switch? No? Well try that first). She knows how to run a good marketing and conversion campaign AND she has a great eye for fashion. Riley is a different type of person than the other folks who have managed the place for us previously. We are stoked to get a new marketing plan in place, get the Fall merchandise out and get back to business!

In honor of this chatter about the store, here is a picture I took at the Fall Market a few weeks back. We actually know this dude, his name is Wes. But what is with his 'mullet-hawk'?

More gratuitous pics of the family.

I may have to remove this one if too many of you get me wigged out about pedophiles on the interwebz.


First Time Dad said...

Well I Mike home for you in record speed from the customer site to the airport in Cleveland... i think even Mike was impressed with the Ford Fusion....

Catherine said...

Oh we have so many of those butt photos! Rob hates for me to post them. Hope H is feeling better soon!

ShallowGal said...

Software development? I thought you were in printer cartridges.

PS: Our change of address card featured a picture of Jake from behind watering the lawn naked (he was 18 mo old) with the tag line "We have a new view" We are all about baby tushies.

xoxo SG