October 20, 2008

So much news, so little time

We are back in Raleigh and there is much news. No real time today to write but here are some pics from the trip.

The best news is that Hudson now has a cousin. Her name is Catherine Clover. She is 6lbs, 13oz and was born in the wee hours on Tuesday morning. I will get pics of her up very soon.

The Halifax Public Gardens.

Back again with Anthony, Penny and Hudson the next day.

A beautiful morning on the Halifax Harbour.

This hat is awesome. Why would he hate it?

Hanging out at Granny's with the family.

Getting ready to pig down some greasy fish and chips.

Molesting Andrew and Jenny's cat, Rex. Penny was determined to make this cat love her. It did not.


Anonymous said...

OH my good the two of you have the cat's eyes bulging out of his head. No wonder he has not decided yet if you are friendly pet lovers.....

The Neidig Family said...

Looks like you had a great trip! I hope all is well with you!