October 1, 2008

Carrots and Colds

Our little monster has yet another cold. This is what happens when you've got a daycare kid. 'They' say that the average is 10 colds in the first year of their lives, but then their immune systems mirror that of a cockroach and it's all good from them on. I think we are on cold #48.

Last night after he had dinner (pureed chicken and sweet potatoes - ick) we tried some cooked carrots, since he's all about feeding himself now. He didn't completely get the carrots.

He had a pretty terrible night, awake almost every hour and hardcore wailing at 4am. Mike's out of town all week so it's all me.

This morning you'd never know that he's feeling crappy. All smiles, as usual. Man, I love this kid.
Now that he's mastered crawling, all he wants to do it stand.
I'm not sure I'll make it through the whole work day. I anticipate the 'come pick up your sick kid' phone call to be coming through at any moment.

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