September 29, 2008

Full Term

My younger brother, Andrew and his wife, Jenny are expecting a baby (their first and a little girl) on October 15th. These are special pictures for a special time, so I've been saving this post until my sister Jenny (ok, sister-in-law) reached full term. You're all cooked now baby - come out anytime at your leisure!

Andrew is a very good amateur photographer and took these pictures on a recent trip to Rainbow Haven Beach, about 30 minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jenny was about 36 weeks along here.

Here Andrew was getting caught in the waves.

Their dog's name is Electron (Ellie) and she is a very sweet Shiba Inu.

Jenny telling Ellie, 'Don't worry, you'll still be our baby once this little girl comes!'. (Yeh, sure you will Ellie....that's what we told Max and Timber too. Now they're chopped liver).

Now Jenny is experiencing the typical full term yuckies (swollen, can't sleep but tired, ready to meet the baby yuckies) but is otherwise doing very well. She recently had a baby shower that I had to miss but I hear it was wonderful - and she was only subjected to a few awful baby shower games (shower games should be banned, but I digress).

I am certain that Andrew never intended for me to post this picture. So sorry! I sent Jenny this baby sling, called a 'Moby Wrap' which was truly a lifesaver for me when Hudson was itty bitty and didn't want to be put down. He would fall asleep in it for 3-4 hours a day and I was able to move around hands free. Here is Andrew practicing putting it on (it's actually a little complicated, even for an electrical engineer-turned-high school math teacher).

Sorry Rew, being the little brother never gets any easier I guess.

We'll be in Halifax during the days when Baby Woods is due. And if we are really, really lucky, we'll get to meet her.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Congrats to Andrew and Jenny. Little girls are fantastic -- as are little boys (I am discovering)

PS. Stole your babychic 101 link. I loved it. Try this site also: and