September 29, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend. Not sure how that happened since we had a crazy week and decided that we would lay low. Oh well, we can sleep when we're dead. So here's the breakdown.

Saturday we had an actual baby-sitter come to the house (first time ever). It was one of Hudson's teachers, Miss Julia. Up until now Hudson has only been 'sat' by his Granny Bain or Grandparents Benedict. Our friends Karen and JB (Zoe's parents) came over and we all went out for cocktails, a great dinner and even better company. So we got an adult night of debauchery and Hudson had a date with ZoZo.

Zoe came ready to party with her Puma's and 'I love Hudson' shirt. It didn't take long for her to steal Hudson's paci. It must be love.

Then he tried to manhandle her.

As usual, Timber is in the middle of things.

Zoe can stand really well. I think she'll walk soon. She's only 10 days older than Hudson, but she'll be walking long before he does. She can get into a standing position with very little assistance.

On Sunday it was the annual Sheldon Pointe /Bedford neighborhood picnic. It sounds like it would be painful, but our neighbors are all fun so it's a good time (aka lots of boozing).

Hudson was a champ. There was no whining or crying and only a brief nap was needed. To our surprise, his monitor actually worked in the cul-de-sac so we could continue our partying while he slept. Rock on!

It was somewhat alarming to me that he seemed oblivious that we weren't with him as he marched up and down the street. He would 'walk' himself up to strangers and join in their conversation. I think we have a social butterfly on our hands.

Mike was thrilled to see him chatting up the ladies.

He was trying to get these people to get him a beer but they ID'd him. He was bummed.

Videos of the cul-de-sac journey. Hey look! Another balloon to join his friend on the fan!

Never one to miss out on a party, Timber discovered that the electric dog fence was broken (has been for 2-3 months) and before we knew it, he was mingling and making small talk. Ever the chicken, Max the 95 pound Weim stayed within his bounds in the yard, longingly smelling the BBQ just feet from the end of his driveway while Timber partied on.

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