September 18, 2008

He crawls!

And let the games begin.


First Time Dad said...


Yo, said...

Look at him go! Look at that cute buttcheek! LOL

I've been using Red Solo cups to try to get G to crawl. I guess now I know to use my iphone instead!

The Neidig Family said...

Great Job Hudson!

Anthony said...

Well, as I see it there is really only one solution to this crawling problem:

Chop off his arms and legs. Whack whack!

It's so deliciously simple I know you will want do it immediately, now that I have suggested it.

So, let me know how it goes, mmmkay?

Anthony said...

And, as a bonus, he will eat less, since he will lower his BMR.

This idea can't LOSE!