September 8, 2008

Duuuuude, Check Those Chairs!

We are all now home safely and soundly from an awesome trip to Ocracoke. A&P flew back to Edmonton on Sunday afternoon.

I think back fondly on our favorite Beach Trip 2008 moments:

  • Driving in a leaky Jeep through a torrential downpour
  • Thread-bare hammock that barely supported Mike's giant body
  • The bikes we rented that were left locked up without the lock combination...
  • The Coast Guard officers we ran into at the grocery store
  • Ms. Booby Mc.Naked who was topless on the beach (cover up!!)
  • The tragedy when we discovered that the Thai restaurant was closed for an extended weekend. And the glee when it re-opened to feed our hungry bellies!
  • The dude flying the Confederate flag off the back of his pick-up. WTFork?
  • The duck-friend that Penny made, and the Evil Goose who bit Mike's toe

But by far everyone's favorite memory was of 'Dude! Check those chairs!'.

Mike rigged up our beach chairs with bungee cords to hang from the back of the jeep so that we could have more room for the more important beach items (like booze). I know what you are thinking: 'What? Mike was rigging something up?' Yes, of COURSE he was. Anyway, for those who have never been to Ocracoke, the only way on and off the beach is to drive (4 wheel drive needed) on the sand, up a long, sandy road and then onto the beach itself. The ride is rather bumpy and the chairs were bouncing around wildly from the bungees.

So on our way home from the beach one day Jeff Spicoli was driving behind us down the long, bumpy beach road. At the end of the road he caught up to us and yelled out the window (using his best Spicoli impression):
'Duuuuuuuudes check those charrrrs! They are definitely gonna fall!'.

O.M.F.G you would think that this was the single funniest thing that we had ever heard because it became the catch phrase for the rest of the trip. Every time someone would say it we would collapse into gales of laughter.

Thanks for the laughs Spicoli!

'Duuuuuude! Check those charrrrs!'

And this was Penny's hair after the wild, chair-bouncing, beach drive. Duuuude, check that hair! Seriously. Whoa.

Saturday evening we broke out the Guitar Hero.... Penny takes the game quite seriously.

Mike is slightly less serious. But he and Penny spent a very long time trying to beat Slash. And they eventually did!

And I discovered that my brother ROCKS the guitar! I guess a thousand years of violin lessons pay off (eventually). I dare any one of you to challenge him.


While we played, Hudson made a humongous mess with a biscuit.

All that biscuit-eating and guitar-playing makes for tired, tired boys.


1 comment:

Anthony W said...

"People on 'ludes should not drive."
- J. Spicoli, while driving stoned

Hey, you put up video of boozy me doing head bobs to Barracuda! I think by the time 2 am rolled around, Mike's skills had long surpassed mine. I mean, he defeated Slash! That's gotta mean something!

I would also like to add Hudson pushing out a turtle head in his sun tent to the list of hilarious moments. It was a top 5 moment for me.