September 24, 2008

You knew I'd go there eventually....

As much as I wanted to keep this blog for family and friends who live far away to keep up with us, those who know me well (or at all) know that I love fashion and even now with Hudson, I try to keep up. My favorite person to talk to about the latest designs is my sister Penny Turner. Sister-in-law, more accurately, but people tend to not like their sisters-in-law and I love PT, so I usually just refer to her as my sis.

So the 80's are back, in case you've been living under a rock and haven't noticed. And I must say that I am loving it. Penny and I have been debating the bootie for the last year or so. Both of us have tried on countless pairs, but I haven't found a pair I love yet. I was just eyeing this pair, the open toe has me intrigued and you can't go wrong with those scaley-ruffles. If my grandmother is reading this, I know you had these in the 80's! These are not 'jean shoes' so I would pair them with a pencil skirt or a simple LBD.

I realize that these shoes will be hated by many of you. I'm ok with that.

Mike and Anthony have been known to keep bets on what trends Penny and I will or won't adopt. Two years ago they bet us that we would buy Jordache jeans when Jordache attempted their big comeback. (No, we did NOT buy them and we're still waiting for them to pay up on the bet.) But Mike has recently come around on the skinny leg, as long as I don't wear them with flats. I know the skinny leg is not 'new' (PT and I have been sporting them for the last 6 seasons) but for the 'big city' of Raleigh, they are finally becoming acceptable, thank goodness!

Many designers are now taking a more realistic approach and have introduced a straight leg to their collections. Hopefully the ladies of Raleigh will begin to retire their bootcuts and adopt this more figure-flattering cut (I mean more flattering than the skinny). And for all you haters out there, the skinny / straight leg DOES look good on many figures. Vickie tells me that she is hard-pressed to find a bootcut in NYC (she's working in the city now for MTV - jealous!).

I am coveting this pair of Citizens and by the time this post is published, I just may own them. I will wear a shirt with mine though.

Like the 80's, this Fall season is about extremes, and the really wide leg pant is hot now. Check out this pair from Alice + Oliva with - omg - PLEATS!

I am not sure why, but Penny and I are loving Wellies lately. We both own them, and we want more. I am quite the scene when I emerge from the house to let the dogs out at 6:30am, fresh out of bed, wearing my PJ's tucked into hot pink wellies, carrying Hudson and shepherding 3 pups . Maybe our obsession has something to do with our fixation on the lives of J.Crew models.

[And Penny, I KNOW the real reason you suggested apple picking when we go to Halifax next month is because that scene would most closely mirror the J.Crew catalog imagery.]

Anyway, we must be on the same wave length as the fashion Goddesses, because this morning shopbop is featuring them. PT and I immediately decided that we must have these.

tall or short, laces or no? One of each?

But we don't need to bring back everything from the 80s. Yesterday I got a random text from PT that said, 'Just say NO! to stirrup pants!'. I tend to agree. Just because Vince is now selling them doesn't mean anyone should be wearing them.

Vickie and I are headed to Fashion Market tomorrow to buy for the spring season for the shop. I will probably bore you with tales of what craziness is in store from the fashion world come January. I apologize in advance.

And now on to some gratuitous photos of Hudson (and me) taken this morning on the way out the door to work/daycare.

Haters, note that I am wearing a straight leg

These are from Sunday. Hooray for grocery store balloons! Mike tried to ban balloons from the house after one got wrapped around the ceiling fan. That didn't stop the balloons from coming home, or from getting wrapped around the fan! There is actually one wrapped around it right now, been there for 9 days and counting.

Balloon playing is exhausting! And although I am sleeping, this balloon is still mine so don't you try to take it from me.


FTM (first time mom) said...

OMG - I just got back from trying on booties at lunch today. Love them but can't figure out the pair I need. Love the post!

BB said...

Love your fashions, I guess I can open up my closet and find all my 80's clothes now and be right in still especially the wide leg pants. I can just hear PT saying Ohh Nooo LOL -BB

Andrew said...

Worst post ever. ONly salvaged by the shots of Hudson at the end. Skinny-leg pants should be banned.

The Neidig Family said...

Hey Nicole! I love the fashion news! I've never been into fashion but reading about it from you was interesting. I hope to hear more! :-) Also, I love the pictures of Hudson. He's so handsome!!

Elizabeth said...

When do I get my makeover?

Catherine said...

Talk to me about leggings. Not stirrup pants, but leggings.